Question #1: If you hate on Phil and only like Dan, what are you?
  a) A dangirl
  b) A tw@t
  c) A phil hater
  d) Nobody hates Phil!

Question #2: What year are Dan and Phil getting married?
  a) 2022
  b) 2016
  c) They're already married you idiot
  d) ???

Question #3: What was the name of Phil's pet that passed away a while ago?
  a) Steve
  b) Wags
  c) Simon
  d) Joey

Question #4: What is the new meme caused by Dan and Phil's April fools joke video "squareflakes"?
  a) Your mum
  b) Because this is about creativity
  c) Don't _____, Craft

Question #5: When was the first PiNoF (Phil is Not on Fire)?
  a) After Dan and Phil created DanandPhilGAMES
  b) The day after Dan and Phil met
  c) The day Phil hit one million subscribers
  d) What is this Pin On you speak of

Question #6: What happened when Dan hit one million subscribers?
  a) He made a sexy end screen dance -- full music video
  b) He did Just Dance with Phil
  c) He made a special Reasons Why Dan's a Fail (yay)
  d) He caught on fire

Question #7: Who is taller as of now: Dan or Phil?
  a) Dan
  b) Phil

Question #8: What song did Dan FIRST reference when he played Outlast on DanandPhilGAMES?
  a) Taylor Swift - 22
  b) MCR - Famous Last Words
  c) Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
  d) MCR - I'm Not Okay

Question #9: What game was Phil playing when he first swore on DanandPhilGAMES?
  a) Slender
  b) FNaF
  c) Phil doesn't swear!!1
  d) Shelter

Question #10: How many Tumblr tags has been done combined with Dan and Phil?
  a) 5
  b) 3
  c) 2
  d) 1