Question #1: Does He Have A Wife?
  a) Yes Jemma
  b) Yes Gemma
  c) No
  d) IDK

Question #2: What Dogs Does He Have?
  a) Poodle
  b) Pugs
  c) Labrador's
  d) He Doesnt Have Dogs

Question #3: What Channel Does He Do Blogs On?
  a) DansVlogs
  b) The Blogger Dan
  c) TheDiamondMinecart
  d) MoreTDM

Question #4: What's His Real Name?
  a) DanTDM Duuhh
  b) Dan
  c) Hmmmm
  d) Daniel

Question #5: How Many Subscribers Does He Have?
  a) 3 Million+
  b) IDK
  c) 5,685,041
  d) 5,658,041