Question #1: What colour of hair do I have?
  a) Blond
  b) Red
  c) Brown
  d) Black

Question #2: How tall am I?
  a) Idfk
  b) 5'2
  c) 4'9
  d) Um...

Question #3: What is my fav clothing brand
  a) Obey
  b) Volcom
  c) Jays
  d) Idk

Question #4: Fav movie that has more than movie
  a) Twilight
  b) Hunger games
  c) Are we there yet
  d) ...

Question #5: What is my fav colour
  a) Black
  b) Blue
  c) Pink
  d) Purple

Question #6: What is my name
  a) Jay
  b) Taylor
  c) Jordan
  d) Jenna

Question #7: What colour are my eyes
  a) Blue
  b) Brown
  c) Blue/green
  d) Green

Question #8: What is my favorite sport
  a) Basketball
  b) Soccer
  c) Baseball
  d) Football

Question #9: What is my least favorite sport
  a) Rugby
  b) Soccer
  c) Cricket
  d) Golf

Question #10: Do I have Facebook
  a) Nope not a chance
  b) Yep
  c) Idk