Question #1: farkle likes
  a) Maya and Riley
  b) no one
  c) ella and sonia
  d) ashley and cecelia

Question #2: who always beats farkle??
  a) riley
  b) maya
  c) smackle
  d) farkle always wins!!!

Question #3: in an episode,do maya and riley fight over farkle??
  a) yes
  b) no
  c) idk
  d) i did not see the episode

Question #4: riley's dad is a......
  a) baseball player
  b) print shop owner
  c) 7th grade teacher
  d) none of the above

Question #5: maya[sabrina carpenter's]new song is
  a) take me to church
  b) we'll be the stars
  c) take on the world
  d) idk

Question #6: maya goes to ________ alot.
  a) detention
  b) the beach
  c) home

Question #7: Riley has
  a) blonde hair
  b) black hair
  c) brown hair
  d) brown black hair