Question #1: What was the name of the horse that accompanied wirt,Beatrice,Gregory, and Jason Thunderburker
  a) Ryan
  b) Bob
  c) Fred
  d) Kitty

Question #2: What were the pumpkin people
  a) Zombies
  b) Humans
  c) Pumpkins
  d) Skeletons

Question #3: Who dressed up as an elephant for Halloween
  a) Gregory
  b) Sara
  c) Wirt
  d) Beatrice

Question #4: What was the name of the person that was gonna as out Sara
  a) Duncan
  b) Jason
  c) Sam
  d) Wirt

Question #5: Why was the woods man burning the lantern
  a) He was cold
  b) His daughters soul was in it
  c) He lost a bet
  d) For light source

Question #6: How did Beatrice and her family get turned into blue birds
  a) She killed one
  b) She ate something that turned her into a bird
  c) She upset a witch
  d) She threw a stone at one

Question #7: What was the teachers boyfriends name
  a) Jimmy
  b) Timmy
  c) Bob
  d) Jerry

Question #8: What did the teachers boyfriend dress up as
  a) A turtle
  b) A gorrila
  c) A zebra
  d) A tiger

Question #9: What color were the turtles in Aunty Whispers house
  a) Orange
  b) Blue
  c) Green
  d) Black

Question #10: What did the big wolf thing that Greg and wirt anccounter in the first episode turn into
  a) A cat
  b) A dog
  c) A squirrel
  d) A bird