Question #1: What is my teachers name
  a) Mrs. Kirk
  b) Mrs. Butts
  c) Mrs. Pepes
  d) Mr. James

Question #2: True or False: I have a sister
  a) True
  b) False

Question #3: Which iphone do I have
  a) 6
  b) 6+
  c) 4s
  d) 5s

Question #4: My favorite movie is...
  a) Twighlight
  b) Lion king
  c) Frozen
  d) Toy story 2

Question #5: Which of the following is a teacher that I have
  a) Mrs. Butts
  b) Mrs. O' Connel
  c) Mr. Wright
  d) Mrs. Bruce

Question #6: My favorite football player is...
  a) Odell Beckham jr.
  b) Tom Brady
  c) Walt Bellamy
  d) Peyton Manning

Question #7: My favorite baseball player is...
  a) Miguel Cabrera
  b) Bryan Pena
  c) Mat Latos
  d) Robinson Cano

Question #8: Which of the following is Not a name of my friend
  a) Tom
  b) Iggy
  c) Zachary
  d) All of these are my friends

Question #9: My favorite store is
  a) Kroeger
  b) Walmart
  c) Walgreens
  d) Target

Question #10: Which is my favorite holiday
  a) Thanksgiving
  b) Halloween
  c) St. Patricks day
  d) None of the above