Question #1: Who is the last tribute in the arena besides Katniss and Peeta?
  a) Clove
  b) Rue
  c) Thresh
  d) Cato

Question #2: What happens to Katniss's outfit when she comes in on a chariot?
  a) It turns to a dress
  b) It gets on fire
  c) I have no idea
  d) That never happened

Question #3: Who is the president of District 13?
  a) Snow
  b) Coin
  c) Hawthorne
  d) Everdeen

Question #4: Who was the Head Gamemaker before Plutarch Heavensbee took over?
  a) Claudius Templesmith
  b) Caesar Flickerman
  c) Seneca Crane
  d) Plutarch Heavensbee

Question #5: How does Katniss get an 11 in Movie 1?
  a) She hits the target ten tims
  b) Shots an arrow at the apple
  c) Makes Seneca Crane
  d) She doesn't get an 11

Question #6: What district does the Capitol fire at in movie 3?
  a) 7
  b) 8
  c) 9
  d) 12

Question #7: Was the Hunger Games your fav book/movie ever?!
  a) YESSS!
  b) No
  c) Eh, maybe top ten
  d) I've never seen it