Question #1: What factions does Tris transfer to?
  a) She doesn't transfer
  b) Candor
  c) Erudite
  d) Dauntless

Question #2: What is the first thing the dauntless have to do after the ceremony?
  a) Sing-a-Song
  b) Go down an elevator
  c) Jump on the train
  d) Wait and help clean up

Question #3: What does Tris volunteer to do once they jump off the train?
  a) Jump off the building first
  b) Hold Christina's jacket
  c) Kill Peter
  d) Pay for lunch

Question #4: Who helps Tris off of the net
  a) Christina
  b) Will
  c) Four
  d) Peter

Question #5: What area of the dauntless compound has the tattoo parlor
  a) The chasm
  b) The pit
  c) A large glass building
  d) A cave

Question #6: What is the first stage of initation
  a) Learning how to fight
  b) The fear landscape
  c) Simulations
  d) Jumping off cliffs into someone's arms

Question #7: Where does Tris climb during capture the flag
  a) A ladder
  b) A tree
  c) Merry-go-round
  d) Carousel

Question #8: What does Peter do to Edward after stage one
  a) Congratulate him
  b) Kill him
  c) Stab him in the eye
  d) Suffocate him

Question #9: Why doesn't Tris's mother visit Caleb?
  a) She doesn't like him
  b) she is not welcome at eriudite headquarters
  c) No reason
  d) No one knows

Question #10: Who does Tris fall in love with
  a) Four
  b) Tobias
  c) Her instructor
  d) All of the above