Question #1: What does the G stand for in SenpaiG
  a) Gabe
  b) Gavin
  c) Gerald
  d) Geepo

Question #2: What is the name of the series where he answers questions and showcases fanart?
  a) "Noticing the Senpais"
  b) "Sugoi Saturdays"
  c) "Go! Go! Nippon"
  d) "CK Appreciation Day"

Question #3: How many FNAF episodes has he done?
  a) 2
  b) 10
  c) 4
  d) None of the above

Question #4: Which one of his friends does not have a channel?
  a) Cory
  b) Vince
  c) Zac
  d) Tristan

Question #5: How many subs does he have?
  a) 5
  b) 3,031
  c) 3,000,000
  d) 65

Question #6: What editing software does he use?
  a) Sony Vegas Pro 8
  b) Pinacle Studio
  c) Imovie
  d) Windows Live Movie Maker

Question #7: How many videos does he have?
  a) 2,000
  b) 30
  c) 166
  d) 42, man!!!!!

Question #8: What was he previously called
  a) gaminG
  b) Swegpai
  c) GamingOvenShow
  d) NoticedSenpai

Question #9: When de he start his channel
  a) Apr 5, 2014
  b) Two months ago
  c) June 13, 2010
  d) March 17, 2013. He be a saint.

Question #10: What does he call his goup of sus?
  a) The Senpai Clan
  b) The Senpai Family
  c) The Senpai Gang
  d) None of the above