Question #1: What was the name of his first dog?
  a) Barnaby
  b) Gregory
  c) Sheila
  d) Cookie

Question #2: What is the name of the bear who is in some of his videos?
  a) Leah
  b) Leila
  c) Lee
  d) Lolly

Question #3: Which googlie does he hate the most?
  a) Zombie
  b) Creeper
  c) Spider
  d) Skeleton

Question #4: Who is his best friend?
  a) iBallisticsquid
  b) iamsquid
  c) squiddylovesminecraft
  d) squidandstamps

Question #5: What is the name of the mermaid who appears in most of his videos?
  a) amylee33
  b) amyzeballs
  c) amyl33
  d) amylee4eva

Question #6: What's his favourite food?
  c) CAKE!

Question #7: What animal is he?
  a) Dog
  b) Human
  c) Bird
  d) Cat

Question #8: What Minecraft™ "mode" does he play on?
  a) He doesn't play Minecraft™
  b) PE
  c) PC
  d) Xbox

Question #9: What colour is he?
  a) Orange-yellow
  b) Brown-yellow
  c) Golden
  d) Yellow

Question #10: What is the name of his server?
  a) Stampy Roxs!
  b) Stampy's Lovely World!
  c) Stampy da Cat!
  d) Stampy Longnose's Server!