Question #1: Who are the Smoed twins?
  a) Jenee and Robert
  b) Maddie and Riley
  c) Jenee and Maddie
  d) Micheal Eddie and Robert

Question #2: How many times has Smoed won worlds?
  a) 6 times
  b) 1 time
  c) 3 times
  d) never

Question #3: What is Gabi's position?
  a) Base
  b) Backspot
  c) Flyer
  d) Tumbler

Question #4: What color are Roberts eyes?
  a) Green
  b) Blue
  c) Hazel
  d) Brown

Question #5: How old is Gabi?
  a) 16
  b) 14
  c) 13
  d) 17

Question #6: How many Smoed boys are there?
  a) 4
  b) 2
  c) 3
  d) 7

Question #7: What is the Smoed team colors?
  a) Yellow black and blue
  b) Green and blue
  c) Blue Black and White
  d) Pink and purple

Question #8: What does Smoed stand for?
  a) Small Coed
  b) All girl team
  c) Large coed
  d) Meduim All Girl

Question #9: Who are the Smoed coaches?
  a) Eddie and Maddie
  b) Orby and Michel Eddie
  c) Jenee and Maddie
  d) Eddie and Orby

Question #10: What color is Jenee's hair?
  a) Brown
  b) Blonde
  c) Black
  d) Red