Question #1: what is the name of planktons computer wife
  a) sandy
  b) pearl
  c) karen
  d) monicha

Question #2: complete this line of the spongebob theme tune who lives in a________ under the sea
  a) house
  b) cave
  c) pineapple
  d) jelly fish

Question #3: who does spongebob work for
  a) squidward
  b) mr krabs
  c) plankton
  d) sandy

Question #4: what is the name of spongebobs best friend
  a) peter
  b) paul
  c) patrick
  d) philip

Question #5: what is animal is spongebob's best friend
  a) gold fish
  b) jelly fish
  c) another sea sponge
  d) star fish

Question #6: what was the name of the episode when spongebob started his new job
  a) sponge bob's new job
  b) help wanted
  c) poor squidward
  d) help me

Question #7: spongebob's pet is called gary what animal is gary
  a) sea worm
  b) turtle
  c) snail
  d) hermet crab

Question #8: in the sponge bob Christmas special 1999 what do they use as Christmas lights on there tree
  a) jelly fish
  b) sea snails
  c) squidward
  d) the fish in the sea

Question #9: what noise does sponge bob's pet Gary make
  a) woof
  b) meow
  c) don't make a noise
  d) hello

Question #10: are you gonna rate this quiz 5 stars
  b) im stupid
  c) im stupid
  d) im stupid