Question #1: Who died in the movie?
  a) Mom, Dad
  b) Olaf, Elsa, Hans
  c) Kristoff, Sven
  d) Anna, Olaf

Question #2: Does Elsa have a curse?
  a) Yes
  b) No
  c) Maybe

Question #3: Who was the voice of Anna? (this is a hard one!)
  a) Selena Gomez
  b) Taylor Tuber
  c) Kristen Bell
  d) Amara Cody

Question #4: Who was the voice of Elsa?
  a) Jenny Stoffer
  b) Sarah Silver
  c) Amara Cody
  d) Idina Menzel

Question #5: How many siblings does Hans have?
  a) 1 sister
  b) 12 brothers
  c) 13 brothers
  d) 11 brothers

Question #6: What type of animal is Sven?
  a) moose
  b) reindeer
  c) snowman
  d) penguin

Question #7: What is Olaf's dream?
  a) to stay in winter
  b) to see summer
  c) to meet another snowman
  d) to run a marathon

Question #8: What happened to Anna's parents?
  a) Ship problems
  b) Stranded on an island
  c) were poisoned
  d) were kidnapped

Question #9: Who is older anna or elsa?
  a) anna
  b) elsa

Question #10: Who voiced Olaf?
  a) Aaron Beck
  b) Kailor Krug
  c) Josh Gad
  d) Tyler Johnson