Question #1: What sport(s) does Hayes Play?
  a) baseball
  b) football
  c) soccer
  d) swimming

Question #2: How old is Hayes?
  a) 13
  b) 14
  c) 15
  d) 16

Question #3: How many sibilings does Hayes have?
  a) 3
  b) 2
  c) 4
  d) 0

Question #4: Is Hayes single?
  a) yes
  b) no
  c) maybe
  d) idk

Question #5: What are Hayes Grier and Nash Grier famous for?
  a) Vine
  b) Youtube
  c) Twitter
  d) Facebook

Question #6: What is the 2 brothers little 4 year old sister's name?
  a) Skylar
  b) Nila
  c) Skylynn
  d) Sara

Question #7: Is Hayes and Nash friends with Cameron Dallas, the Magcon boys and Alx James?
  a) yes with Cameron
  b) No with the magcon boys
  c) yes with Alx James
  d) They are friends with all of them.

Question #8: How tall is Hayes?
  a) 5'0
  b) 5'2
  c) 5'6
  d) 6'0

Question #9: What is Cameron Dallas's full name
  a) cameron James Dallas
  b) Cameron George Dallas
  c) Cameron Alexander Dallas
  d) Cameron Lee Dallas

Question #10: How tall is cameron Dallas?
  a) 5'7
  b) 5'9
  c) 6'0
  d) 6'2