Question #1: Who is Elsa?
  a) The one who get married with Kristoff
  b) Olaf's destroyer
  c) Arandelle's Queen
  d) Kristoff's reindeer

Question #2: What is Anna's hair?
  a) Black
  b) Blonde
  c) White
  d) Brown and a little white

Question #3: What's Olaf nose made of?
  a) Celery
  b) Button
  c) Carrot
  d) Branch

Question #4: What is Grand Pabbie?
  a) Elsa's dad
  b) Anna's servant
  c) A troll
  d) Sven's wife

Question #5: Couldn't keep it in, heaven knows I've tried
  a) I'm free
  b) Be the good girl you always have to be
  c) Don't let them in, don't let them see
  d) Let it go

Question #6: Just watching the hours tick by
  a) Tock-tick-tock-tick
  b) Tick-tick-tock-tick
  c) Tick-tock-tick-tock
  d) Tock-tock-tick-tock

Question #7: When does Olaf's want to live at?
  a) Summer
  b) Cold winter
  c) Spring
  d) Summer in Sahara

Question #8: For the first time in
  a) Foreva
  b) Foreves
  c) Forefer
  d) Forever

Question #9: What kind of magic does Elsa have?
  a) Burning everything
  b) Drowning everything
  c) Destroying everything
  d) Freezing everything

Question #10: Arandelle's invited this princess to the ceremony
  a) Rapunzel
  b) Snow white
  c) Belle
  d) Anna