Question #1: who is sponge bobs best friend?
  a) sandy
  b) squidward
  c) patrick
  d) mr krabs

Question #2: does spongebob have a pet?
  a) yes
  b) no

Question #3: what is sponge bobs pets name?
  a) lary
  b) gary
  c) sheral
  d) shell

Question #4: in the episode where spongebob enters a snail race with his pet, who wins?
  a) patricks pet rocky
  b) squidwards pet snelly
  c) spongebobs pet gary

Question #5: in the episode where spongebob enters gary in the pet-tackular, who wins?
  a) gary
  b) charles
  c) Patrick (pretending to be spongebobs pet
  d) squidward (pretending to be sponge bobs pet

Question #6: who does spongebob live with?
  a) his grandma
  b) his parents
  c) his best friend patrick
  d) his pet snail

Question #7: where does spongebob work?
  a) krusty krab
  b) krabby-ol-mondays
  c) the crabby patty
  d) king crab

Question #8: what does mr.crabs live in?
  a) pineapple
  b) a cave
  c) under ground
  d) an ancor

Question #9: what town does spongebob live in?
  a) swimsuit top
  b) sunny springs
  c) bikini bottom

Question #10: what is the beach called?
  a) gooey falls
  b) goo lagoon
  c) water wasteland