Question #1: If your friend is sad and needs your help to get through his/her problem, you....
  a) Ask him/her what's wrong and do whatever you can to help.
  b) Ask him/her what's wrong and act like your going to help them but actually think about other things.
  c) Think about it and try to ask him/her what the problem is but be too shy to actually ask.
  d) Don't even pay attention to them. It's their problem!

Question #2: Your BFF is home sick and another friend wants to sit at your table right where your BFF usually sits, you....
  a) Shoo them away. They should sit somewhere else. It's not their usual table.
  b) Say "sure" and go ahead and let them sit down in your BFF's seat.
  c) Smile at them and kindly explain to them and tell them that maybe they should sit in a different chair, but they don't have to leave the table.
  d) Scream at them to go away and never come back, of course.

Question #3: Your BFF loves a movie that you just can't stand and keeps on talking about how awesome it is. You....
  a) Tell him/her to stop talking about it or you will get super mad.
  b) Just keep quiet until it drives you insane.
  c) Guess that since your friend loves it you have to love it too so act like you think it's the best movie ever.
  d) Tell them nicely that you don't really like that movie and that maybe he/she shouldn't talk about it so much.

Question #4: Your BFF asks you to come over for a sleepover. But, sadly, you have to do something that day that's really important. But your BFF is already planning all of the great things you're going to do. You....
  a) Tell him/her that you're busy and say you're really sorry but maybe next time.
  b) Tell your BFF by texting him/her quickly and say "cant come" and just don't even talk about the subject.
  c) Don't tell them and just wait for the day when they realize that you're not coming.
  d) Act like you're coming but then say that you're sick and can't come.

Question #5: Your BFF is mad at you but you don't know why. He/she won't say. You....
  a) Keep on annoying him/her until they tell you.
  b) Ignore them until they feel like they have to tell you. (Whether that ever happens or not)
  c) Tell them that you understand how they feel but tel them that it won't make it any better just being angry and not letting you know what you did wrong.
  d) Act like you're not friends with them anymore and that you don't care.

Question #6: Your BFF comes over to your house and you go on a trip to the bathroom. When you get back you see him/her looking through your diary/journal. You...
  a) Scream your head off at them. They weren't supposed to see that!
  b) Ask them why they were looking through your stuff and ask them to say sorry.
  c) Never talk to them again.
  d) Beg them not to tell anyone anything secret they found out about you and never stop holding the grudge.

Question #7: Your best friend is going to the concert of your favorite singer. You can't go. You...
  a) Feel super jealous and get revenge later.
  b) Feel super jealous and get revenge now.
  c) Feel happy for them and ask them to email you pictures.
  d) Never stop thinking about it and be sad forever.

Question #8: Your BFF is going on a super cool trip to a cool place and you are going to stay home while your BFF is having a great time. You...
  a) Skype them all the time and feel super happy for them.
  b) Be sad and get angry at your friend for leaving you.
  c) Don't even think about it. If you do, you'll explode!!!
  d) Frown all the time.

Question #9: You and your BFF both enter in the art contest. You win and your BFF gets last place. You....
  a) Make fun of her and then shout to the world that you won.
  b) Pat him/her on the back and say it's okay, maybe you'll do better next time.
  c) Smile at them and playfully stick your tongue out.
  d) Ignore him/her. It's not your loss.

Question #10: If you got a grade for being a good friend you would get a....
  a) A
  b) B
  c) C
  d) D