Question #1: what is kaelyns favorite color and animal
  a) blue and unicorn
  b) pink and dog
  c) yellow and fish
  d) purple and cat

Question #2: what is kaelyns favorite goodbye word
  a) bye-bye
  b) later
  c) ttyl
  d) toodles

Question #3: does kaelyn like ____________________ for her room
  a) bright colors
  b) warm colors
  c) dark colors
  d) cold color(aka)blue,purple,green,brown...

Question #4: is kaelyns dog named
  a) kaelyn
  b) saddie
  c) abbi
  d) mia

Question #5: does kaelyn live in ...
  a) canada
  b) paris
  c) u.s.a
  d) china