Question #1: Who does Carly do her web show with?
  a) Sam and Freddie. Spencer and Gibby sometimes stars on iCarly, too.
  b) No one. Carly is a loner.
  c) Nevel
  d) Nora

Question #2: Does Carly and Sam ever get into fights?
  a) They're perfect angels!
  b) They do.
  c) No.
  d) I forgot.

Question #3: Who is Carly's worst enemy?
  a) Nevel
  b) Nora
  c) Gibby
  d) Spencer

Question #4: Who trapped the iCarly kids?
  a) Nora and Nevel
  b) Nevel
  c) Nora
  d) Gibby's girlfriend

Question #5: Who does Sam hate but loves?
  a) Freddie
  b) Gibby
  c) Spencer
  d) Nevel

Question #6: Who created the idea for Spaghetti Tacos?
  a) Carly
  b) Definitely Sam.
  c) Gibby
  d) Spencer

Question #7: Who does Nevel scream at?
  a) Molly
  b) T-Bo
  c) Carly
  d) Sam

Question #8: What does Nevel say to Carly in the first season?
  a) "You'll rue this day, you'll rue it!"
  b) "I'll get you Carly Shay!"
  c) "I know where you live!"
  d) Nevel just screams at her.

Question #9: Who is Spencer's best friend?
  a) Socko
  b) Hunter
  c) Carly
  d) Ryder

Question #10: What television network is iCarly on?
  a) ABC Family
  b) Disney Channel
  c) Nickelodeon
  d) YouTube