Question #1: What is the #1 most subscribed to youtube channel? (As of January 2014)
  a) ShaneDawsonTV
  b) OneDirection
  c) PewdiePie
  d) Smosh

Question #2: Who is the ship name "Shoey" referring too?
  a) Smosh Anthony + Ian
  b) Shane Dawson + Zoella
  c) Sawyer Hartman + Zoella
  d) Shane Dawson + Joey Graceffa

Question #3: What youtuber is known for saying "Hello Internet" at the start of each video?
  a) Caspar Lee
  b) Danisnotonfire
  c) Lohanthony
  d) AmazingPhil

Question #4: Brothers Jack and Finn Harries have a youtube channel named what?
  a) JacksGap
  b) Harriesmania
  c) Finnlife
  d) JackandFinn

Question #5: What youtuber has shirts that say "Professional Fangirl"?
  a) Troye Sivan
  b) SpinkleofGlitr
  c) Tyler Oakley
  d) Tanya Burr

Question #6: What youtuber has appeared on Nickelodeon?
  a) Fred
  b) Alfie Deyes
  c) PewdiePie
  d) Jenna Marbles

Question #7: What youtube channel is best known for "Youtubers React"?
  a) TheFineBros
  b) ThatcherJoe
  c) PointlessBlog
  d) Smosh

Question #8: What youtuber ends each video by saying, "I hope you had fun hanging with me, I had fun hanging with you and I will see you tomorrow! Bye!"
  a) Joey Graceffa
  b) AmazingPhil
  c) Danisnotonfire
  d) Shane Dawson

Question #9: "Philisnotonfire" videos are made once every:
  a) Month
  b) Year
  c) 2 Years
  d) Week

Question #10: What youtuber ends each video by saying, "May the odds be ever in your favor, Goodbye!"
  a) Marcus Butler
  b) Jenna Marbles
  c) Joey Graceffa
  d) Caspar Lee