Question #1: How many states are there?
  a) 21
  b) 49
  c) 50
  d) 68

Question #2: What is the capital of Ohio?
  a) Montgomery
  b) Columbus
  c) Helena
  d) Jerusalem

Question #3: What was the first state to be admitted to union?
  a) Alaska
  b) California
  c) Delaware
  d) New Jersey

Question #4: Which is the biggest state?
  a) Hawaii
  b) California
  c) Texas
  d) Alaska

Question #5: Where does spongebob live?
  a) New York
  b) Uhh....... He's not real
  c) Alaska
  d) Texas

Question #6: In which state is Las Vegas
  a) Wyoming
  b) Colorado
  c) Indiana
  d) Nevada

Question #7: What are the first three states in alphabetical Order?
  a) Arkansas, Britain, Colorado.
  b) Alabama, Alaska, Arizona.
  c) IDC
  d) Idk

Question #8: Who was the first president of the U.S.A.?
  a) George Washington
  b) Christopher Columbus
  c) Barack Obama
  d) Hello Kitty

Question #9: What is the capital of the U.S.A.?
  a) Nevada
  b) Texas
  c) Washington
  d) Washington D.C.

Question #10: What rating will you give this quiz?
  a) 1-2
  b) 3-4
  c) none
  d) 5