Question #1: When did Chlo' and I start dating ?
  a) March 1999
  b) February 2005
  c) July 2013
  d) October 2013

Question #2: How old is Clo' ?
  a) 9
  b) 26
  c) 34
  d) 12

Question #3: What's Clo's fave subject?
  a) German/French (sorry i get the two mixed up! >.>)
  b) Drama
  c) Maths
  d) English

Question #4: How old am I, Chlo's lover?
  a) 19
  b) 23
  c) 21
  d) 20

Question #5: What colour is Chlo?
  a) Black
  b) Cream
  c) Negro
  d) White

Question #6: Who was Chlo's last bf? (They have all been her bf at one point.)
  a) Cole
  b) James
  c) Dan
  d) Lewis

Question #7: Has Clo' ever been lesbian?
  a) Yep.
  b) She was, not anymore.
  c) No.
  d) She's bi.

Question #8: How many families has Clo had?
  a) 2
  b) 3
  c) 5
  d) 1

Question #9: Name some of her flaws
  a) hits men :/
  b) wears too much make up
  c) imprisoned for 5 years for
  d) has loved the wrong guys, well. Until she met me! I helped her become... "less thick," let's just say that. Blind with love and friendships basically. FYI, I hope she doesn't see this quiz.

Question #10: How many relationships has she encountered before myself?
  a) 19
  b) 1
  c) 4
  d) 6