Question #1: When your BFF's worst enemy shows up, what do you do?
  a) Slap him/her in the face
  b) Ignore him/her
  c) Kiss...ON THE LIPS (Except for same gender then you would hug tightly)
  d) Start a fight

Question #2: When your BFF is crying, what would you do?
  a) Ask her what's wrong and try to help her/him
  b) Ask him/her what's wrong then tell them it's a pathetic problem
  c) Call bullies over to make fun of her/him
  d) Insult her/him

Question #3: If your BFF is being bullied, what do you do?
  a) Laugh and bully along
  b) Cuss at the bully and start a fight
  c) Stand up for BFF, tell on the bully, and comfort BFF
  d) Nothing

Question #4: If your BFF needs help with her crush, what do you do?
  a) Say "I don't care go ask someone else to help."
  b) Tell everyone about BFF's problem
  c) Tell her that she can handle it and ditch her.
  d) If you don't know, apologize and say that you don't know how to help. If you do help BFF (OBVIOUSLY)

Question #5: Say your BFF has another friend, and that friend is spreading mean rumors about your BFF without knowing.
  a) Tell friend to stop. If friend doesn't stop, tell BFF. If the friend continues, tell an adult.
  b) Say nothing to BFF
  c) Help friend with rumors about BFF
  d) Tell mean rumors about friend.

Question #6: Say your BFF knows her/his crush likes them back and wants to kiss them and they don't know how. What would you do?
  a) (Lying) Tell them they're dumb to not know how to kiss.
  b) If experienced it or read about it on Internet or in a book, tell her.
  c) Demonstrate it on her crush.
  d) None of the above.

Question #7: Say your BFF got kissed by a person she/he doesn't like and she wants to tell him kindly she's not interested. But she doesn't know how. What would you suggest?
  a) "Dude, no."
  b) "Did you seriously kiss me? UGH!"
  c) "I'm sorry, but I don't really like you back. I really am sorry."

Question #8: Say your friend is going on her first date and she's nervous. What would you say?
  a) "Grow up it's just a date."
  b) "Good for you. However, IDC!"
  c) "Might as well break up with him/her now."
  d) "It's okay. I bet you'll get that boy/girl easily!"

Question #9: You just became BFFs with a girl/boy and you're the opposite gender and you both have a crush on each other. What should you do?
  a) Make sure she/he likes you back and then confess your feelings
  b) Straight-out kiss her/him
  c) Flirt with him/her until they ask you out or confess their feelings or kiss you
  d) Hide your feelings and bully them

Question #10: Please please please be truly honest on this question! If you lie than you can't perfect yourself to be a good BFF! Here it is: Are you a good BFF?
  a) No, I might a well be their worst enemy.
  b) No: I need to perfect my BFF skills so I can be awesome. Yes: I think I'm a pretty good BFF. :)
  c) There ain't no better BFF than me dawg.
  d) I haven't the foggiest.