Question #1: What is Spongebob's job at the Krusty Krab?
  a) Cashier
  b) Gretter
  c) Frycook
  d) None of the above

Question #2: When everyone is infected with Ick, who saves them?
  a) A Docter
  b) Mr. Krabs
  c) Squidward
  d) Gary

Question #3: In the Spongebob Squarepants movie, what was King Neptune's daughter's name?
  a) Mindy
  b) Mandy
  c) Pearl
  d) Melissa

Question #4: Patrick: "Is _______ an instrument?"
  a) whipped cream
  b) tartar sauce
  c) fish paste
  d) mayonnaise

Question #5: What does Spongebob wear to make him, "Mmmm Toasty!"
  a) A sweater
  b) Long Socks
  c) Mittens on his eyelashes
  d) a Jacket

Question #6: Squidward has a...
  a) Big nose
  b) Small nose
  c) Hairy nose
  d) Red nose

Question #7: Larry works as a...
  a) cashier
  b) lifeguard
  c) waiter
  d) police man

Question #8: Plankton's pet is a...
  a) labrador
  b) snail
  c) cat
  d) hamster

Question #9: What color boots does Pearl wear?
  a) white
  b) pink
  c) purple
  d) black

Question #10: What is Spongebob's favorite saying?
  a) Money money money.
  b) I'm ready.
  c) let's get going.
  d) I live in a pineapple under the sea.