Question #1: What natural Color is your Hair?
  a) Ginger
  b) Blonde (yellow)
  c) Brown
  d) Black

Question #2: Choose The One You Like Best :
  a) IceSkating
  b) Singing
  c) FootBall
  d) Homework

Question #3: Tick The Group Of Letters With The First Letter Of Your Name In it
  a) A-B-C-D-E-F-G
  b) H-I-J-K-L-M-N
  c) -O-P-Q-R-S-T
  d) U-V-W-X-Y-Z

Question #4: What Do U want To Be As An Adult?
  a) Mum\dad
  b) FAMOUS!!!!
  c) Teacher
  d) Loyer

Question #5: What Is Your Favorite color?
  a) Pink\Hot Pink\Light Pink
  b) Red
  c) Blue\baby blue\dark blue
  d) yellow

Question #6: Do You Like Your Nails Painted or not?
  a) YES YES YES But I bite them so I need it
  b) I have them ALL the time!!
  c) No... Im A tomboy
  d) Im a Boy

Question #7: Were Do You Live?
  a) UK
  b) USA
  c) Other
  d) Erourope

Question #8: What Pizza Do You Prefer?
  a) Salami and cheese
  b) Ham and cheese
  c) Mushrooms and ALL of the toppings
  d) BBQ

Question #9: If You Only Had ONE Wish and you couldn't ask for more wishes what would it be?
  a) To have ALL Super Powers (including the ability to fly)
  b) To Have An INFINITE Supply of Chocolate
  c) To Have ALL the toys in the world
  d) Magic isn't real (u suck if you choose this awswer..)

Question #10: FINNALY.......... ARE U GUNNA RATE THIS QUIZ 5 STARS?!!!!
  b) No (Wrong answer)
  c) No (wrong answer)
  d) No (wrong answer)