Question #1: You see a kid getting bullied. What do you do?
  a) Stand there and do nothing.
  b) Look at the bully and ignore the fact that somebody is getting bullied and walk away.
  c) Tell a friend to keep an eye on the bully while you get a teacher t bust the bully and help the one being bullied.
  d) get a few friend to help you tell the bully it is not nice to bully. try to become friends with the bully and ask if the bully is ok.

Question #2: you find out that your best friend is bullying kids. What do you do?
  a) tell them you cant hang out with them until they stop bullying.
  b) help your friend bully.
  c) WHAT??? My friend is not a bully!!!! NEVER!
  d) Say awesome I always wanted to know a bully.

Question #3: if a bully was bullying you, what would you do?
  a) punch him/her back or use some choice words of my own.
  b) say, "it is not ok to bully somebody, you don't have to bully to make you feel special. Are you ok? do you need help with something?" then ignore them.
  c) heyy, I would never get bullied by anyone! I am too special.
  d) do nothing

Question #4: what is a bully?
  a) MEE!!!(=
  b) a person that is very nice and brings people up and makes them feel good about themselves.
  c) A rude person that make people feel upset, mad and angry. They can hurt people physically and emotionally. people should stand up to bullies and lower the population of bullies. Bullies bring down others make them feel bad about themselves.
  d) Not me stupid!! I aint a bully

Question #5: What do you do when a bully starts to bully you because you aren't popular?
  a) you say " so what that im not popular, popularity isn't about being popular it is about having friends that make you feel good about yourself." and then walk away and say " I don't support bullies... PEACE!!"
  b) cry and be upset and do nothing about it.
  c) call them a loser and kick them.
  d) ask him/her to fight you.

Question #6: Do you think it is ok to bully?
  a) YES!!!
  c) NO!!
  d) No bullying is wrong!! Never.

Question #7: Do you think people know that they bully?
  a) Some people know they bully while others have no idea.
  b) No
  c) Yes
  d) Of course they know

Question #8: do people treat others badly?
  a) yes
  b) no
  c) some
  d) maybe?

Question #9: Would you stand up to a bully?
  a) NO!!! Are you ca-razy???
  b) yes, I wouldn't like it if people bullied me.
  c) no I don't care.
  d) Yea, sure. No I could care less about this.

Question #10: people get bullied every year. What could we do to prevent less of this?
  a) Stand up to bullies.
  b) nothing.
  c) eat cupcakes.
  d) run down the halls in a unicorn costume sprinkling glitter as you go yelling, " im a unicorn!!!"