Question #1: When was the first episode premiered?
  a) 2009
  b) 2007
  c) 2010
  d) 2008

Question #2: Where does the show take place?
  a) Omaha, Nebraska
  b) New York, New York
  c) Pasadena, California
  d) None of the above

Question #3: What is Sheldon's girlfriends name?
  a) Penny
  b) Amy
  c) Bernadette
  d) Sheldon doesn't have a girlfriend

Question #4: Which couple is married?
  a) Leonard and Penny
  b) Raj and Lucy
  c) Sheldon and *answer to #3*
  d) Howard and Bernadette

Question #5: Which two share an apartment?
  a) Raj and Howard
  b) Howard and Leonard
  c) Leonard and Sheldon
  d) Sheldon and Raj

Question #6: Who lives across the hall from *answer to #5*?
  a) Penny
  b) Kripke
  c) Wil Wheaton
  d) No one

Question #7: What does Sheldon say after his classic pranks?
  c) BOO YAH
  d) Sheldon? Pranks?

Question #8: What is the name of Sheldon's "sick song"
  a) Star Wars
  b) No such thing.
  c) Bazinga
  d) Soft Kitty

Question #9: Who is Jewish
  a) Sheldon
  b) Leonard
  c) Howard
  d) Raj

Question #10: What is the name of who plays Sheldon?
  a) Jim Parsons
  b) Kunal Nayyar
  c) Johnny Galecki
  d) Simon Helberg