Question #1: What is magenta?
  a) A colour
  b) A breed of cat
  c) Someone who is always nervous
  d) A fruit

Question #2: How do bees defend themselves?
  a) They bite
  b) They barf
  c) They sting
  d) They hire a tough guy to beat people up

Question #3: Which word is spelt right?
  a) Amazeing
  b) Emazeing
  c) Emazing
  d) Amazing

Question #4: What do you usually swim in?
  a) A tuxedo
  b) A swim suit
  c) Shorts and t-shirt
  d) A banana costume

Question #5: What do people live in?
  a) Houses and apartments
  b) Pinapples under the sea and tiki statues
  c) Clouds and tree trunks
  d) The local park and under picnic tables

Question #6: Can pigs fly?
  a) Of course
  b) Um... no
  c) Only when they are given Red Bull
  d) It depends what mood they are in

Question #7: What is cheese made of?
  a) Milk
  b) Butter
  c) Meat
  d) Fruit

Question #8: What is the meaning of a double?
  a) Times 2
  b) Plus 2
  c) Times 3
  d) Minus 2

Question #9: What colour is this text?
  a) Sparkly neon orange
  b) Indigo
  c) Pink
  d) Black

Question #10: How many questions were in this test?
  a) 0
  b) 2
  c) 10
  d) 8