Question #1: What does Sbob live in?
  a) A Pineapple
  b) An Apple
  c) An aubergine
  d) A carrit

Question #2: What color is Squidward's night-gown?
  a) Purple
  b) Blue
  c) Pink
  d) Cream

Question #3: What is the name of Mr Krab's pet?
  a) Mr Snoodles
  b) Mr Money
  c) Mr doodles
  d) Mr noodles

Question #4: What did the Krusty Krab used to be?
  a) Train station
  b) Fire station
  c) Old people's home
  d) Candy store

Question #5: Which band does Pearl love?
  a) The pearlies
  b) Boys who cry
  c) Boy-to-boys
  d) Awesome Rockeroonies

Question #6: Who is Plankton's arch enemy?
  a) Spongebob
  b) Mr Krabs
  c) Sandy
  d) Squidward

Question #7: What is Sandy good at?
  a) Baking Cookies
  b) Karate
  c) Being a Ninja
  d) Maths

Question #8: What do Sbob and Patrick love doing?
  a) Jellyfishing
  b) Annoying Squidward
  c) Blowing bubbles
  d) All of them above

Question #9: Who is Sbob's driving teacher?
  a) Mrs Poof
  b) Mrs Puef
  c) Mrs Poif
  d) Mrs Puff

Question #10: Who is patrick's dad?
  a) Herb
  b) Bob
  c) Gary
  d) Steve