Question #1: who is the main character?
  a) Peeta
  b) Bob
  c) Katniss
  d) Fred

Question #2: Who are the two district 11 tributes?
  a) Tod and Ruby
  b) Thresh and Rue
  c) Ketchup and Mustard
  d) Max and Ruby

Question #3: what is the order of the hunger games trilogy?
  a) Mockingbird,Catching Water,Starving Games
  b) Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay
  c) Little Women, Harry Potter, Molly Moon
  d) Pickle, Tomatoe,Cheese

Question #4: Who does Katniss fall in love with?
  a) Gale
  b) Prim
  c) Bob
  d) Peeta

Question #5: Who is Gale in love with?
  a) Katniss
  b) Prim
  c) Casear Flickerman
  d) Glimmer

Question #6: How does Foxface die?
  a) Strawberries
  b) Bow and arrow
  c) Knife
  d) Nightlock

Question #7: How does Prim die?
  a) Bombs
  b) Hunger Games
  c) Mysterious
  d) Snow kills her

Question #8: Who in Catching fire best fits this description? A ladys man asks Katniss if She'd like a sugar cube
  a) Peeta
  b) Finnick
  c) Gale
  d) Johanna

Question #9: What is Peeta's talent?
  a) An artist
  b) A singer
  c) A ballerina
  d) A Hunter

Question #10: What does Haymitch call Katniss?
  a) Sweettart
  b) Sweetheart
  c) Pig
  d) A girl