Question #1: do you know a lot about him
  a) no i never talk to him
  b) yes we are super close i know everything about him
  c) i know a little about him
  d) i know some about him

Question #2: do you talk to him a lot
  a) yes nonstop
  b) no i am to shy
  c) sometimes
  d) a lot

Question #3: does he ever compliment you
  a) sometimes
  b) never
  c) he makes fun of me and does the opposite
  d) yes

Question #4: do you ever do stuff together
  a) not a chance
  b) no
  c) a ltittle bi
  d) all of the time

Question #5: how do his friends treat you
  a) they are mean
  b) they say stuff like look ______ its ( your name )
  c) we have the same friends
  d) they dont talk to me

Question #6: does he have a girlfriend
  a) on and off
  b) no
  c) yes they are serious
  d) yes but they havnt been dating long

Question #7: do you have a lot in common
  a) a few things
  b) almost everything
  c) we are complete opposites
  d) some things

Question #8: do you live in the same town
  a) yes
  b) we are neighbors
  c) he is on a world tour right now
  d) he moved to a different state but we keep in touch

Question #9: how much do you like him
  a) a lot
  b) kind of
  c) so much it hurts
  d) not a lot

Question #10: do you think you have a chance with him
  a) yes totally
  b) not really
  c) possibly
  d) he couldnt possibly like me if i was the last girl on earth and i am taking this quiz because i am desperate