Question #1: you see a baby crying...what do you do?
  a) punch him/her
  b) yell at him/her
  c) give him/her candy that is poisonous
  d) cheer him/her up by playing peek-a-boo

Question #2: You see Bethany Hamilton...what do you do?
  a) stare at her for she has one arm
  b) stare at her for she is a celebrity
  c) Go up to her and get her autograph
  d) keep on walking for there are already a million people around her.

Question #3: You see your best friend being bullied...what do you do?
  a) join in with the bullies
  b) walk away
  c) stand up for them
  d) go to the bathroom

Question #4: you find a wallet with 30 thousand dollars...what do you do?
  a) keep it and buy American girl dolls
  b) report to lost and found.
  c) return to proper owner.
  d) burn it.

Question #5: Your friend just tripped...what do you do?
  a) help her up
  b) say "ouch" and walk away.
  c) laugh.
  d) keep walking.

Question #6: Your friend looses her favorite ring, when you find it what do you do?
  a) keep it for yourself.
  b) walk away.
  c) give it back to her.
  d) pick it up and throw it away.

Question #7: you witness a crime...what do you do?
  a) Call the police.
  b) keep walking.
  c) help the bad guy.
  d) hide

Question #8: you see a person choking ... what do you do?
  a) eat their insides
  b) help them
  c) keep eating your pizza pie
  d) throw up

Question #9: You bump into a person on the street,they get an angry look in their eye...what do you do?
  a) begin fighting
  b) apologize
  c) cower away
  d) keep walking

Question #10: do you think you will be 100% good?
  a) Yesyesyeyesyesyeesssssssssssss!!
  b) I don't know and I don't care
  c) I think I'll be 0% good (100% bad)
  d) I'm confident it's going to be good.