Question #1: What is Rapunzel's favorite thing to use to protect?
  a) Hot coffee
  b) Her hair
  c) Frying pan
  d) Sword

Question #2: What is Flynns way of getting out of a tied chair?
  a) Smoulder
  b) Puppy dog eyes
  c) Crying
  d) Saying sorry

Question #3: What does Flynn steal from the castle?
  a) Tiara
  b) Boots
  c) Gold
  d) Pickles

Question #4: What is Rapunzels pets name?
  a) Pascal
  b) Roberta
  c) Polly
  d) Scally wag

Question #5: How old is rapunzel?
  a) 12
  b) 20
  c) 19
  d) 18

Question #6: Is Flynn a trader to the two brothers who help get the tiara.?
  a) True
  b) False

Question #7: How does pascal wake flynn up?
  a) Slapping him
  b) Tickling him
  c) Sticking his toung in his ear
  d) Squeaking loudly in his ear

Question #8: How old is flynn?
  a) 18-19
  b) 15-17
  c) 11-12
  d) 58-77

Question #9: Is Rapunzel happy she left the tower?
  a) Yes and no
  b) Yes
  c) No
  d) Idk i didnt watch the movie!!!

Question #10: What is flynns real name?
  a) Nevel
  b) Eugene
  c) Bob
  d) Ebenezer scrooge